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Apr. 28th, 2012


MM-Verse: Would You?

Gus had made plans... big plans. Starting with a little trip down the boardwalk to ride some rides on their day off.

First stop is picking Shawn up at the station, comfortably dressed in his favorite pair of khakis and a silk shirt, and ready to go spend the afternoon having fun.

"Come on Shawn," he stands beside Juliet's desk - arms folded across his chest as Shawn watches her go through a file. "I thought we agreed, no work this afternoon. It's one-forty-five... well after noon. We have plans."

Feb. 22nd, 2012


MM-Verse: Pride (In The Name Of Love)

As far as Gus was concerened it was just another Saturday, he taken on a new route and was in the middle of working up a viable list of sample drop-offs with the aid of google maps and his doctor book and it was getting pretty close to lunch.

Shawn, on the other hand, had disappeared shortly after breakfast after a call from Juliet about helping block off some streets downtown.

Hungry and annoyed with his "real" job, Gus called Shawn to find out where he was and if he'd be bringing home food.

"Hey, Shawn! Where are you? I haven't heard from you in like... four hours."

Jan. 21st, 2012


Waking Up With You

Morning came far too soon, but Gus woke in a delightfully happy place all things concerned.

At first he's not sure where he is or even when he is... it could have been any morning waking up wrapped around Shawn. He snuggles up closer behind him, burying his face in Shawn's fluffy hair and inhaling the familiar scent of pineapple-papaya essence. As he squeezes his arms tighter around Shawn's chest, the memories slowly eke back to him.

Things are... not that good. But it doesn't matter, not at the moment.

Jan. 17th, 2012


Almost, not quite, reconciliation. (MM Verse)

It's been two weeks since they've seen each other more than in passing - Gus took on an extra route to work overtime while he couldn't help but notice Shawn was working cases without him... a lot of cases if the stacks of receipts on his desk when he dropped by the Psych office to keep business affairs in order was any indication.

For the most part, the anger has subsided - but been replaced with the lingering feeling that his life was pretty much screwed and no matter what his parents were probably never going to speak to him again. Even Joy was avoiding his calls and he really couldn't blame her after the way Shawn pushed him into ambushing his parents with the engagement. He'd left on the ring, but tried not to look at it - not to even think about the fact that he really was biting the bullet and committing to the suddenly gay thing by agreeing to marry Shawn. He wanted to marry Shawn, of course, and loved him enough that even though at the moment he's the last person he wants to see - he still wants to see him.

After dodging Shawn's phone calls and putting him straight through to voice mail all day, Gus unintentionally stopped for lunch at the taco stand close to the station. When he got back in the car with a belly full of combo #2 - it took only a second to realize he wasn't alone.

"Shawn, get out of my car."

Dec. 29th, 2011


Lunching with Disaster

Shawn had started getting ready early, singing Debbie Gibson in the shower shortly after ten o'clock. Gus, however, was bent over the laptop with his headphones on listening to a three hour seminar on the new anti-fungal line set to roll out at the end of the year... he'd have to be quick on it if he wanted to sell his podiatry route to switch from last year's foot cream. By the time Shawn made him pause it and practically forced him to change and then out the door it wasn't even eleven-thirty. 

"Shawn..." He groaned, slipping behind the wheel as Shawn pulled up some travelling music. "You do realize that the never-ending pasta bowls count the whole time you're there, right? They won't take it away from you if you aren't done before two."

Nov. 21st, 2011


Night In

Chinese take-out had been eaten in mass quantites, the cartons and wooden chopsticks still hanging out on the coffee table as they watched the end of their movie. Gus was lounging with his legs up on the sofa, Shawn stretched languidly between his thighs with his head on Gus' belly.

"Feel like heading to bed?" He asked quietly, stroking his fingertips gently over Shawn's brow - teasing back a few shaggy strands of hair that would no doubt be cut soon.

Oct. 2nd, 2011


MM-Verse: Date Night

Slowly, the sting of rejection passed with the quiet acceptance of everything else negative that happened in their lives - eventually it would be all right. Maybe. It didn't matter, especially since Gus had gone through the effort to plan a date night specifically to thank Shawn for taking care of him when he wasn't doing so good.

If it was for him, he'd have done it differently - but it was Shawn's night. He arrived home just after four in his blue football jersey and jeans; "Suit up, Shawn - we're going to the game."

Sep. 30th, 2011


MM_Verse - Angstapalooza / Telling the Gusters Aftermath

It didn't go well. No, actually saying it didn't go well was probably the understatement of the year - it was like saying the Nazis were bad or dying isn't a good time. Joy had tried to mediate, Shawn had tried to mediate, but when it came down to it the whole thing boiled down to Gus and his parents staring each other down over a stack of blueberry crepes. When Gus told them, Shawn's hand clasping his under the table - and then on top of it as though it were proof of anything, they didn't believe it. They asked if Shawn had put him up to it or brainwashed him, if he was on drugs.

Then, as they tried to explain and he tried to tell them that no, he hadn't been lying - and if he had it was just because he was lying to himself more than anyone, he broke down. For a few minutes, they seemed to believe him. Then, it came out. "You're a liar, Gus. You know we won't suffer a liar and a sinner in this house."

They tried to argue it out, to explain Gus' stance - but in the end only ended up fleeing to the car and driving home in silence. Shawn sounded like he was trying to start a conversation, but even his voice seemed to be locked up in the combination of anger and frustration filling the Blueberry. They pulled into Gus' reserved spot and then Gus hightailed it up the stairs to their apartment - not bothering to wait for the elevator that Shawn would still take since the stairs still made him ache by the time he got to their floor.

Inside the quiet apartment, Gus went straight for the liquor cabinet above the refridgerator and methodically set out all five of their A-Team shot glasses and filled them with warm tequila.

The van. Face. Murdock. B.A. Baracus. The front door opened again just as he slammed down Hannibal and set the heavy shot glass back on the counter with a loud gasp - the burn of the alcohol seeping down his throat to his gut. 

Sep. 20th, 2011


MM-Verse: Clean, Dirty, Still a Bath

After dropping off Joy, Shawn and Gus had retreated to the office and attempted to get some work done - but Gus couldn't focus on anything but the impending doom of brunch with his family. By the time they made it home, he had gone uncharacteristically silent to even the most tempting of Shawn's thoughts - simply letting him wander out loud while he tried to focus on making the bank sheet balance.

He set down his keys and made a silent beeline for the kitchen where he stood - staring blankly at the tea kettle. "Shawn." He sighs, closing his eyes. "Please tell me you remembered to pick up tea and just put it somewhere other than the tea jar."

He really, really could use some tea to quiet his buzzing nerves.

Sep. 16th, 2011


MM-Verse: Happiness and Joy

"I'm still not sure this is a good idea." Gus shifts uneasily from one foot to the other as they wait at the gate where his sister was to be arriving at some point in the next hour.

When he found out she was coming into town he'd made the mistake of telling Shawn - whose first thought had been that it would be a great time to tell her they'd been a couple for almost a year. He'd called her back and volunteered them to pick her up.

"You know she thinks you want to hook up with her again." Gus mutters under his breath, both hands shoved in his pockets.

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