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Sep. 4th, 2011


MM-Verse: A New Place to Call Home

Somehow, they'd managed to find the perfect apartment... it was one Gus had checked out a few times before but was unavailble when he'd considered it the last time. On a whim he'd checked again while they were actively looking to upgrade from his small walk up and sure enough, it was just being put back on the market. After what seemed like an age, though it was really only a few months, they had found a place to call uniquely theirs - no history, and two bedrooms so they each could have their own designated space.

The first night, the place was in shambles. Almost everything was still in boxes and late night had come entirely too fast thanks to being called off on a case. Gus had given Shawn a kiss goodnight and left him to his own devices to figure out his bedroom situation while he took to setting up the frame and mattress in his own room.

Satisfied the bed was where he wanted it, Gus digs his favorite sheets out of a box and makes the bed - standing back a moment to admire his handiwork before changing into his fireman pajamas and climbing in for the night. He was exhausted, and figures sleep will come quick and painlessly... but it doesn't. All he can think about is Shawn just a few feet across the hall and how lonely his big bed feels without him.

It had been a joint decision to have separate rooms... to keep things simple and maybe slow down a little bit. But in the gory dark of night all he really wants is to feel Shawn wrapped around him.

Frustrated, he turns onto his side - facing a window with no curtains in the somewhat empty room - and tries to force himself to sleep.

Aug. 6th, 2011


FUTURE BABYVERSE (Gus/Shawn) Pre-Baby Bubble Bath Fun Times

 Gus remains seated against the wall on the floor for several minutes, listening to the familiar running water and splashing as Shawn got the suds bubbling. By the time he'd made it up on his feet and to the bathroom, Shawn was already stretched out in the large bathtub (big enough for two being a major selling point on the otherwise sort of small house) and smiling.

"That was fast." Gus quirked an eyebrow and rolled up his sleeves, sitting on the edge of the tub and running his fingers in the warm water.

Jul. 31st, 2011


Ice Cream for Two

 Shawn's second PT session went amazing, the therapist was already impressed with how well Gus was able to keep Shawn on his daily routine - though he wouldn't admit to the forms of bribery employed to make it happen. One of which was about to delivered as a sticky sweet surprise.

"Okay now, close your eyes!" Gus grinned, coming around from the kitchen where he had dipped out a huge ice cream sundae with nuts, cherries, whipped cream, and a very generous heaping amount of chocolate fudge. "Don't open them until I tell you it's okay."

He sat down on the hideaway with a wide grin, a spoonful already dished out to be pressed against Shawn's lips. "Open your mouth for a big surprise."

Jul. 29th, 2011



 Gus makes it home from the grocery store, the majority of Henry's list somehow not only fitting in the Blueberry but rather easily at that. Everything is quiet when he gets there, Henry helps put everything away and Shawn's already sitting up in the wheelchair with Junior on his lap - cuddling him while he sleeps.

"My favorite boys." Gus forces a smile, wrapping his arms around  Shawn's shoulders and pressing a kiss to his forehead before stroking the sweet little bunny. "You've been spoiling him again." His tone is teasing, much lighter than when he'd left.

He'd simply stopped thinking about the argument and let it slip away. There were more important things. Like changing out of the embarrasing jeans of a high school girl and into a pair of khakis (his fourth best jeans were in a bit threadbare) and obtaining food.

After everything is put away and Junior safely back in the hutch, Henry claims the first two pieces of pizza and takes them upstairs, giving Shawn a lingering glare from the landing.

Jul. 22nd, 2011


Physical Therapy (Gus & Shawn)

 Shawn's cast had been off almost a week by the time they were able to start therapy - but Gus was still glad to see him getting out and starting the next phase of the healing process. "Come on, Shawn..." He adjusted the sling on Shawn's neck, drawing the fairly emaciated arm closer to Shawn's chest. "You good to figure out something with your hair while I get your records together?"

Jul. 11th, 2011


FMLA And You

He's pretty sure Shawn's still asleep when he finally breaks down and calls into work. They'd been pretty cool with him filing for family medical leave - pulled his file no questions asked. Originally he had only gone through with the domestic partnership for the tax benefits - but good health insurance didn't hurt. Now that he needed someone to take care of him, FMLA was Shawn's best friend and he didn't even know they had it. Thankfully, Shawn didn't ask too many questions as long as everything was going good. Of course, it had been over his two week "no questions asked" time and they were starting to look at someone else to take his place.

"Yes, human resources please. I'll hold." He watched Shawn from the kitchen, eyes still closed - not moving (not like he could move much - but still). "Yes, my name is Burton Guster." He rattled off his rep id number from memory and was put on hold again.

After another long hold he was finally in to someone who may be able to do something helpful. "Yes ma'am. My name is Burton Guster. Yes, I know my leave is expiring but I need a hardship extension. No, no... my domestic partner was in motorcycle collision... he's got severe injuries and minimal support. I'd like to come back, but his Dad can't take full care of him - he needs me here."

Jul. 9th, 2011


Hospital Stay

Time moves both amazingly fast and amazingly slow all at once. Before long it's been three days and Shawn has been moved into a room (amazingly a private room that Gus suspects someone pulled quite a few strings for in the busy hospital) and things are slow again - depressingly slow. Not even a 21 Jumpstreet marathon can liven things up.

"Come on, Shawn." Gus pats his hand, the IV thankfully removed as he's on sort-of food. "Let's hop in your chair and take you for a spin."

Jul. 4th, 2011


Any Port In A Storm

Gus feels like he's driving aimlessly, but he ends up at the one place he knows Shawn won't look for him. The police station is still quietly humming along when he casually approached her.


Jul. 2nd, 2011



 The conference, on the whole, was a success. He got to go the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - and even came home with a sweet t-shirt. His speech had been perfect, didn't even miss a word despite still feeling really unnerved about everything that happened. They'd stayed up all night the last night, binging movies and pineapple passion fruit smoothies and letting things get sort of back to normal.

Except they weren't. He couldn't just leave what had happened back in Ohio - maybe if he hadn't heard Shawn tell him that back in the day, when he'd been off on his adventures - he'd actually been missing the best friend he left behind. Maybe if Shawn hadn't said he didn't have to be sorry, it would be okay that he was. He had a good reason to be sorry.

He'd known. He didn't want to admit it, hopefully would never have to, but deep down he'd seen it coming for years... back when they were still in high school even. Maybe, back then, it could have meant something... but after Shawn left everything changed. Gus "grew up" and put away everything that didn't fit into his life plan. Now, really since Shawn came back into the picture... but especially after he started pushing, the plan is cracking again.

It had been blissfully quiet since he came home - alone. His bags unpacked, laundry sorted and ready for washing before bed, Gus finally had the chance to indulge himself in the bubbly tub he'd been denied before the trip. A cap of lavender bath bubbles and a significant amount of hot water later, he was soaking comfortably in his bathtub with the most recent copy of "Santa Barbara Renter's Guide."

Jun. 23rd, 2011


Cleveland Conference

Post Juliet, Shawn & Gus meet up at the bar.

Somehow, through some twist of either fate or luck - it was hard to tell anymore, Gus managed to get the coveted conference spot. Still excited several days later, he's hurriedly finishing the packing for his flight out - really just finishing the last touches before sitting down to double check his lists for Shawn.

Not that the lists actually mean anything, but it feels good to write them.

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