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bigheadburton's Journal

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My name is Burton Guster, but most people just call me Gus. I'm a full-time pharmaceuticals representative and successful owner of my own detective agency - that's right ladies, I'm like a bounty hunter but in far less danger and with much better future prospects.

Shawn doesn't take this sort of thing seriously, but I think I have successfully convinced him that having a blog is a responsibility and requires a professional attitude to ride the wave of today.

Oh yeah, Shawn's my best friend and worst enemy - I've known him practically my whole life, which is just long enough to know that he's the worst best friend I couldn't be happier to have. We're partners, just like Batman and Robin (don't let him fool you - I'm totally Batman) we solve crimes with my fearless intellect and Shawn's... well, he'll probably tell you all about that before I can.

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