bigheadburton (bigheadburton) wrote,

MM-Verse: Clean, Dirty, Still a Bath

After dropping off Joy, Shawn and Gus had retreated to the office and attempted to get some work done - but Gus couldn't focus on anything but the impending doom of brunch with his family. By the time they made it home, he had gone uncharacteristically silent to even the most tempting of Shawn's thoughts - simply letting him wander out loud while he tried to focus on making the bank sheet balance.

He set down his keys and made a silent beeline for the kitchen where he stood - staring blankly at the tea kettle. "Shawn." He sighs, closing his eyes. "Please tell me you remembered to pick up tea and just put it somewhere other than the tea jar."

He really, really could use some tea to quiet his buzzing nerves.
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