bigheadburton (bigheadburton) wrote,

Lunching with Disaster

Shawn had started getting ready early, singing Debbie Gibson in the shower shortly after ten o'clock. Gus, however, was bent over the laptop with his headphones on listening to a three hour seminar on the new anti-fungal line set to roll out at the end of the year... he'd have to be quick on it if he wanted to sell his podiatry route to switch from last year's foot cream. By the time Shawn made him pause it and practically forced him to change and then out the door it wasn't even eleven-thirty. 

"Shawn..." He groaned, slipping behind the wheel as Shawn pulled up some travelling music. "You do realize that the never-ending pasta bowls count the whole time you're there, right? They won't take it away from you if you aren't done before two."
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