bigheadburton (bigheadburton) wrote,

Almost, not quite, reconciliation. (MM Verse)

It's been two weeks since they've seen each other more than in passing - Gus took on an extra route to work overtime while he couldn't help but notice Shawn was working cases without him... a lot of cases if the stacks of receipts on his desk when he dropped by the Psych office to keep business affairs in order was any indication.

For the most part, the anger has subsided - but been replaced with the lingering feeling that his life was pretty much screwed and no matter what his parents were probably never going to speak to him again. Even Joy was avoiding his calls and he really couldn't blame her after the way Shawn pushed him into ambushing his parents with the engagement. He'd left on the ring, but tried not to look at it - not to even think about the fact that he really was biting the bullet and committing to the suddenly gay thing by agreeing to marry Shawn. He wanted to marry Shawn, of course, and loved him enough that even though at the moment he's the last person he wants to see - he still wants to see him.

After dodging Shawn's phone calls and putting him straight through to voice mail all day, Gus unintentionally stopped for lunch at the taco stand close to the station. When he got back in the car with a belly full of combo #2 - it took only a second to realize he wasn't alone.

"Shawn, get out of my car."
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